Components of Tehnomont group


Tehnomont Shipyard Pula d.o.o. is listed as a leading Croatian medium-sized shipyard. We are one of the leading builders of aluminum vessels in the Croatian market.

All our future investments in material and human resources are accompanied by the development of this concept, which aims to access this market segment, which includes the construction of special vessels made of aluminum and steel (working vessels, tugs, fishing vessels, high-speed vessels, etc.) up to 80 m long


Subsidiary TEHNOMONT d. d. in addition to the legal, human resources and financial accounting operations that it performs for the entire group, it carries out activities in the maritime tourism and metalworking industries.
As part of the company Tehnomont shipyard Pula d.o.o. there are three more profit centers:

Which is mainly focused on the construction of patrol, tourist, offshore, fishing, fire and other vessels for the wide global market, in addition to the construction of ships, it is as well engaged in the repair and reconstruction of existing vessels.
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The company employs considerable resources in large German shipyards, where, in addition to manufacturing boat sections, company also provide works on pipe fitting and locksmithing operations.
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Tehnomont solar equipment is engaged in the development and production of solar collectors for water heating and the installation of thermal solar installations
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Performs legal, personnel and financial accounting work for the entire group, as well as the marine tourism and metalworking activities.
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Surrounded by lush, yet untouched Mediterranean vegetation, it represented an ideal location for the increasingly demanding needs of tourism, which is why our marina was built here: a door that opens to the entire Adriatic.
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Throughout many years in business, we have acquired the knowledge and experience for the manufacture and assembly of steel structures for all types of buildings and structures.
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