Welding and welding standards


In order to increase competitiveness and speed in business production processes, a pulse welding machine was purchased. An important feature of this machine is that the current changes are faster and more significant, resulting in a better and higher quality weld.

Namely, the passage of current through the conductor creates a magnetic field of a certain intensity. Pulse welding is mostly used for welding thinner materials because better control of heat input and material transfer is achieved without burning the base material. Due to the lower heat input, there are fewer deformations and it is easier to control the melt in forced welding positions.
At the same time, 5 years ago, the plant was certified to perform welding works according to HRN EN 1090-1 and 1090-2 standards for the EXC2 level and recently for the EXC3 level.
The purpose of these standards is to achieve reliable information about the properties of the product, and it determines the reliability of the product, improvement and quality of the products themselves, and such products are equal to all other products on the European market. The very importance of production documentation, as well as the properties of the product are necessary to ensure the quality of the product itself

We are trained in the following performance classes:

 EXC 1

• applies to buildings, load-bearing structures and building elements.


• statically and dynamically loaded parts or steel load-bearing structures up to strength class S700, which are not assigned to performance classes EXC1, EXC3 and EXC4


This class of design includes statically or dynamically loaded building elements or steel load-bearing structures up to strength class S700, which include:

   large surface roof structures of stadiums / gathering places
   buildings with more than 15 floors,
   statically loaded openings at intense leakage volume,
   dynamically loaded load-bearing structures or their structural parts:
   road bridges,
   railway bridges,
   towers e.g. antenna mounts
   cylindrical towers like chimneys.

 The EXC 3 design class also applies to other comparative structures and structural elements.